Local Storage Solutions

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If your new home isn’t ready for occupancy, your household goods may need to be stored until you are ready to receive them.  When your shipment is delivered to our warehouse for Storage-In-Transit (SIT), your goods are placed in secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage.  Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons.  Upholstered furniture is stored on specially designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap and plastic covers.

We know quality storage is important to you.  Our facilities are DOD and GSA approved and meet all of Atlas Van Lines “World Class Commitment” standards.

Storage Tips

  • Furniture – Disassemble if possible – it takes less space.  Place mattresses and box springs in protective bags or cartons
  • Bicycles and toys – Clean and lightly wipe will oil for added rust protection. Use cloth or paper pads to protect the items and prevent staining other items
  • Large Appliances – Clean appliances thoroughly before storing.  Try to air out refrigerators at least 24 hours before storing to prevent mildew. Do not use washers at least 24 hours before storing.  Wrap washer hoses and dryer vent hoses in cloth or towels and store inside drum to prevent loss. Tape down all moving parts
  • Clothing – Wardrobe boxes are best for storing clothes.  Shoes and folded items can be stored in the bottom to save space, and use hangers on the bar provided
  • Books and Papers – Pack heavier items such as books and paper files in smaller cartons for easier moving
  • Breakables – Use a Dishpack or glassware-pack box (double walled) for greater protection. Stack dishes on their side and glasses upright. See packing tips for more packing information

Want to Store it Yourself?

Visit our Self Storage page for Do-IT-Yourself storage solutions

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